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White corn v. yellow corn


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White corn v. yellow corn

Sarah | Jun 26, 2007 08:20 PM

At Safeway in Mill Valley I asked the Produce Guy where the yellow corn was since the sign said White and Yellow Corn, 8/$2.00. He said white corn outsells yellow by 20 boxes to one box. I mentioned that since there was no yellow corn in sight, it wasn't surprising. He said he had some "in back," and indeed he came out w/one box of the yellow corn. Asked why I wanted the yellow, I told him that I hoped it wasn't as sickening sweet as the white, and he seemed surprised that I wouldn't want it as sweet as all get-out. After all that, I found the yellow corn to be almost, almost just as sweet as the white! Alas, where is the taste of old...

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