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I have some silicone coated whisks and would like to get plain SS whisks. When I purchased the Silver7 saucier, they were also having a sale on their Sur la Table metal whisks and they looked good online so I got some French and balloon ones.

I did some reading before and after, many recommended 12" for most tasks and at least 10 wires for balloon in whipping cream or egg whites.

What I've found, 12" is a little too tall for my height and arm length for whisking, it feels like it would fatigue if I was doing repetitious movements in making something. Plus, the 12" won't stay in my largest mixing bowl, and seems kind of big for a 2 qt saucier.

Also, it seems like the crowd favorite and recommended balloon whisk is the Oxo 11", which has 10 springy very flexible wires. The Oxo does stay in the mixing bowl because the rubber handle is not heavy.

I got the Oxo at my local BB&B.

So, the 10" Sur la Table is only 8 wires. And the wires are stiffer and a little thicker for all their whisks.

The thing is, I can't stand the Oxo handle. Not the rubber grip but its shape, it makes my hand cramp. I think my hands are too small. I like the smaller diameter cylindrical handles, like my WMF profi and Rosle silicone whisks, although their wires are noticeably stiff compared to the Oxo.

I got tired of thinking about it and decided to whip up some cream tonight with both whisks, just quickly cleaning the whisk tops to give it a go. I did see faster progress with the Oxo 11" than the Sur la Table 10". I had always used an electric hand mixer for whipped cream and meringue so first time by hand.

Also, I thought French whisks were a little more geared toward sauces and emulsions rather than incorporating air and should be a little stiffer than a balloon. But this guy says all whisks should be springy and flexible, for balloon, French, and roux flat whisks.


I'd appreciate your thoughts on wire whisks, the number of wires, and flexibility for balloon, French, and flat whisks, basically what's most effective for what task. And how does that work with thicker sauces or custards or deglazing?

I'd like to find a good quality Oxo type wires, at least for balloon, but with a WMF/Rosle shape and size handle and am trying to avoid the cheap Chinese stuff that might fall apart and/or rust.

Speaking of WMF profi whisks, does anyone know if the whisks they sell in Europe are German made or also Chinese made like the ones they have for the U.S.? I am interested in their ball whisks, too, but I wonder if the ones in Europe are of better quality. My husband will be in Switzerland and Italy next month, and I might direct him to a nearby WMF store over there if so. Otherwise, I'll just order off Amazon.

I'd appreciate any input.

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