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Weight Watchers Foodies-what are you cooking his week? - (Old)


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Weight Watchers Foodies-what are you cooking his week? - (Old)

girlwonder88 | Nov 8, 2010 02:26 PM

Ugh, I've had to cave and sign up for WW online to try and lose a little of this baby weight before our Christmas trip to Maui. I'm finding it challenging, both because I love things like bread and cheese and butter and cream and pastry and.... But also because it's a real pain in the ass to keep track of points when cooking at home, not relying on prepared foods. Ive seen the WW recipe thread, but am not necessarily looking for WW recipes, but for healthy recipes or snack ideas that my fellow-hounders have enjoyed.

Made the CI split pea soup this weekend, which was insanely good, and am going to try the million dollar chicken recipe tonight. (To make it more complicated, I'm also feeding my husband, who is working on losing weight, but swims a couple miles a day so can eat many times the calories I can, and three kids, all skinny, not super-picky, but still kids. In other words, as much as I'd love to eat sushi every day, it ain't gonna fly).

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