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Best Wedding Mains

pastaguy | Apr 1, 2012 06:38 PM

I'm in the incredibly lucky position of planning my wedding coming up in August out in Colorado.

I'd love some input planning the menu. As a bit of background--we're a late 20s foodie-ish couple from the east coast with guests of varying adventurism flying in from all over the globe. 80ish people max in a restaurant/wedding venue attached to a ski resort (ie, catering on-site, professional kitchen, processional staff, etc.). We were presented with a list of suggestions, none of which got us excited. When the chef suggested risotto as a vegetarian option, we not only nixed that (there's no way that's gonna be edible when it comes out), but started thinking about other choices not on the menu. Thankfully, the catering team is willing to work with us.

This is where I could use some help. The plan is to offer three options--a chicken, a fish, and a vegetarian one. Other posts here on vegetarian options have given us a ton of choices for the vegee one, but what about the other two? Wedding food is never going to blow you away, but we're looking for plates (main/sauce, sides) that are delicious and can be prepared in quantity by a catering team of unknown qualtity (ie, nothing out of a Thomas Keller cook book, I don't think). If folks have good suggestions that aren't chicken/fish, that would be fine as well.

What are the most memorable wedding meals that you've ever had? I've just had so many bad ones (I still shudder thinking about that steak that I had at a very expensive venue in New York a few years back). I'd like to stack the deck in our favor here--suggestions appreciated!


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