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My OWN wedding cake -- I am making it


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My OWN wedding cake -- I am making it

Caitlin Wheeler | Feb 7, 2003 11:30 AM

I have decided to make my own wedding cake, deciding to sacrifice the elaborate decorations in favor of the deliciousness factor and saving $500.

Here's my question -- I was going to make a grand marnier almond pound cake as the cake. The pluses of this are that the almonds keep it moist, I've made the recipe several times and it tastes divine, and it's dense enough to support tiers (with the help of straws and cardboard).
The minuses of this are that the recipe I have makes 1 9 inch layer, and I would need to make several recipes and adjust the proportions of baking times to bake especially the large bottom layer. I am a little nervous about this.

Another option I have is to use a butter cake recipe from the Cake Bible that is already proportioned for a 3 layer cake, and flavor it with Grand Marnier syrup. I could make a chocolate butter cake flavored with GM syrup, which would be pretty tasty too.
The pluses of this are that the recipe is already spelled out, I don't have to worry about incorrect baking times or proportions.
The minuses are that I sacrifice my beautiful almond pound cake (which my mother is very attached to, though SHE refuses to bake it) and I worry that it won't be moist enough.

Suggestions? Comments? Any experience with the Cake Bible Recipes? Suggestions for good flavor combinations? (I'm covering with buttercream and rolled fondant, but I haven't decided on the flavors yet)

Please don't tell me I will be so busy the week before the wedding that I won't be able to do this. I know I'm busy, but I won't be doing that much, and the decorations will be very plain. The reception is at home so the cake will need to be transported a total of 10 feet.

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