Not About Food 51

Why are we wasting so much food?

Tonto | Sep 8, 201111:24 AM

Our local markets here in New Orleans throw away so much food every day it is a crime. What ever happened to day old bread, when nearly every market these days has an in house bakery. Why does a bruised piece of fruit get tossed in the trash instead of discounted for consumer consumption. Same with cheese, a little green on a corner, that can easily be trimmed off, is tossed away. With all the hunger that is taking place in our country, and all the hard times people are experiencing, does it not seem immoral to throw away so much food.
And the same goes for restaurants.
Why are these foods not given to soup kitchens, marked down or frozen for resale, stale bread turned into bread crumbs, bread pudding. The possibilities are endless.

Any ideas as to how to make this happen?

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