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pauliface | Oct 27, 2011 03:15 PM

There are so many reasons not to go to Wakuriya.
If, like me, you live in the city, it's a long way away.
And if, like we do, you enjoy sake with your kaiseki, you'll need to hire a car to drive you there and back. Which adds to the expense.
Then, it's tough to get a table, as the restaurant is tiny and well-loved.

So just stop reading now, and don't go.

Still here?
Okay, this is the closest thing to true Japanese/Kyoto style kaiseki that I've had in the Bay Area.
The husband/wife team that runs it (he cooking behind the counter, she effortlessly and charmingly handling the entire room) are a delight.
The seasonal meal was delicious.
The sake selection was perfect for us.

I'm not going to go into detail on the menu, as I'm sure it will change by the time you go.
But I will say that it honored the proper kaiseki approach. Each of the 9 courses is a different style of preparation (raw/steamed/fried/grilled/etc) where the progression of the courses is given great thought to produce a harmonious effect. And that everything was delicious.

I'm not going to recommend this restaurant on other threads where people request advice on where to get good japanese food in the area. It's hard enough to get a reservation here as it is. But I could not, in good conscience, dine there without adding a post that gives them the praise that they deserve.

Watashi wa Wakuriya ga daisuki desu!

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