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Not About Food

"Waiters can and do spit in people's food ..."


Not About Food 168

"Waiters can and do spit in people's food ..."

Miss Needle | Jul 29, 2008 10:09 AM

The writer of the blog Waiter Rant has been revealed, and there was an article about it.

I got upset with Lesson No. 1 -- "Waiters can and do spit in people's food ..."

There was a discussion on the boards over the weekend that got deleted where one of the posters said that if you don't tip well, expect the waitstaff to spit in your food. I think what got a lot of people incensed was that the poster's handle implied that he/she is in the service industry. And judging from the link that was on his/her My Chow (not a smart move), he/she used to be a server who's been "scarred for life". It probably got deleted because it was getting pretty heated, and I wouldn't be surprised if the poster got a few pieces of hate mail over the weekend. So I'm hoping that the mods don't delete this as I'm not naming any names, and I'm hoping the other posters would also refrain from mentioning his/her name and try to keep this discussion civil. I think this is a topic that is worthy of discussion.

It really bothered me that some people would have the gall to engage in this type of behavior. Will it increase their tips? No, as customers are not aware that this is being done. It fails to accomplish anything but only to make the immature server temporarily feel better. And then I started to think about the other behaviors servers can engage in such as stepping on the food, urinating on the food (it's happened recently), etc. This behavior could be potentially harmful to those that are immune-compromised. It's unethical, irresponsible and downright criminal. And please don't respond with tipping 10% is unethical as well -- it's not the same, and we all know it.

I'm sure a lot of people have had this paranoid thought in the back of his/her minds at one point. We then read tons of stories about how that it's just a myth and it just doesn't happen. And then we read posts from the poster that I've mentioned earlier and the article that I liked to above and my wheels start turning. As I don't undertip, I'm pretty sure that the waitstaff won't spit in my food for that reason. But then I start wondering if you've got people who would spit in my food because of various other reasons like they don't like Asians, they don't like what I'm wearing, I send back food because it's not cooked properly, etc. Didn't an employee at KFC spit and urinate in somebody's food because he was a cop? The kicker is that the food was also served to his wife and kids. The kids were the ones who got sick from the food.

Before I receive the onslaught of responses from people in the service industry that say that this rarely happens, I understand that this behavior is probably the minority of servers. But I'm still not happy reading about these stories. I hope those who engage in this behavior rethink their actions, and I hope those of you who are customers that undertip rethink your actions as well.

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