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Would you wait 2 hours for a table at a restaurant?

trolley | Feb 9, 201407:40 AM

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) we went to run some errands and decided to stop at a fairly new restaurant (open over a month) in the adjacent smaller town next to ours. We had our 5 yr old in tow so we decided 4:30pm was early but a good time to eat. So I walk in and it's like I walked into what I expect to see in a 3rd world country. kids running everywhere. People sitting on the ground! Yes, the ground! People just swarming all over the place. A mom crouched down with wine in one hand bottle feeding her baby with the other and two kids climbing on her back. It was so nuts if I saw a herd of goats walk by I wouldn't have been surprised.

So once I fight my way to the host stand I find out the wait is 1.5 hrs. She says maybe 2. So I ask if it's always like this and she said "wait until it's really dinner time. It's usually over a 2 hr wait!" We declined and decided the chaos wasn't worth it so we drove away. The town is pretty small so not much to do in the way of killing time somewhere else.

I guess the food is pretty decent. Comfort food like chicken and mac and cheese. Plates ranging from $7-28 and the interior is cute in this throwback style kind of like Houstons or the Hillstone restaurants.

Would you wait 1-2 hrs to get a table? I have a 20 min or less policy. I can't believe all these people were willing to wait for such a long time!

Are there restaurants in your area that have super long wait times? Have you made it thru the wait? Is the food worth it?

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