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Could a voting section be added to the board posts like Yelp's 'useful', 'funny' and 'cool'?

rworange | Dec 15, 200911:52 AM

While I'm quite serious about this, I write this almost gleefully (though also trembling in fear) in anticipation of Chowhound response. Stick with me a while before expressing outrage.

I would like one ... and ONLY one ... voting option "Useful"

The reason for this is that for three years now I have been using the 'link' function to note reports that are significant to the restaurant database. With one recent software upgrade, my efforts and the efforts of a number chowhounds was wiped out.

Auto-linking results in useless dreck attached to the restaurant record. Since toning down the agressive auto-linker good restaurants get missed.

So here's the thought.

Those board posts marked as 'Useful' would float to the top of the chowhound discussions on the restaurant record. The sort criteria would be the posts with the most "Useful" votes to be listed first.

It might have the side benefit of encouraging people to actually post "useful' information.

To be clear, I would like this option BOTH on the boards and the restaurant. On the boards to flag good info. On the quick review section to encourage people only using that sectionn to write something more useful than the drek that is currently appearing.

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