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vosges toffee...huh?


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vosges toffee...huh?

ciaolette | Jun 26, 2006 09:30 PM

I was at Surfas supply yesterday buying road trip treats. Bought some fleur de sel caramels, a couple amadei bars, and a box of vosges toffee.
None of the vosges bars flavors struck my fancy...I like soft flavors, nuts, tea, fruit, carmel in my choc, not chile or wasabe so much. I am all for great combinations though....and
I wanted to try something vosges, so the toffee (with himalayan red salt) , covered in choc and nuts sounded good.
Had to sneek a taste, so cracked the toffee box, and cut open the sealed pouch inside. First of all I noticed that there was NO delightful chocolate , butter, and toffee scent emanating from this package.
Then, apon inspecting the pieces, I notice that the enrobing chocolate does not adhere well to the toffee. When you crunch into a piece, the chocolate shards off as a layer. The nuts are so finely chopped as to lose their identity and crunch, and had a faintly stale taste.
I know that vosges is all about the spicey flavor combos, but I have to say, that if you are having a toffee jones and hope vosges will provide a taste revelation, $11- for 8 oz for the vosges , I could have had a 1 lb box of Enstroms shipped.....

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