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Vollrath aluminum stock pot differences? What's good, bad, and just different?

Sid Post | Jun 15, 201201:31 PM

I have been looking at getting a very large stockpot mainly for canning stuff in the garden but, occasional holiday seafood boils or a fried turkey are options as well.

I want something cheap, durable, and easy to clean. I believe I want to stay with welded handles for ease of cleaning and strength (I'm not sure I would trust a good set of rivets in a ~40~60~80 quart stock pot). I also want something with a thick bottom to take high heat without warping or scorching due to "hot spots". I want a thick rim so it will stay "round" if dropped or gets banged around in a garage or closet. I also want sides rigid enough to avoid dents or outright cracks or punctures if dropped (empty of course;-).

When I read about something like the Vollrath 69404 4.5-qt Heavy Duty Aluminum Sauce Pan, it's pretty easy to see how it is constructed and differentiate it from other seemingly similar pans.

Would the Vollrath 68660 60-qt Heavy Duty Aluminum Sauce Pot w/ Welded Handles be their best option? How does it compare to other Vollrath stock pots? How hard is it to clean (thin ridges, small radius "curves and edges")?

Would a different brand offer similar performance at a reduced cost?


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