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first visit to village yokocho


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first visit to village yokocho

Nancy | Oct 7, 2002 05:32 PM

i have walked by this place in the "japanese mall" (as i think of it) so many times and it would have never occured to me to go in. but on friday, my friends and i were craving non-sushi japanese but also didn't want a standard bento box teriyaki type place. i suggested this as a rec from chowhound.

we got the okonomiyaki and takoyaki, as well as tonkatsu ramen, some tofu/fish dish, steamed egg custard, braised eggplant, and a couple other things.

only minor quibbles: i have never had the japanese-style steamed eggs before but decided i MUCH prefer the chinese version, both for the texture and portion size. i thought the teacup-sized custard was far too watery. also we ordered yaki-soba but it never came and we were charged for it anyway. we got it fixed and they apologized so it's no big deal.

all in all, we had alot of fun, thought the atmosphere was great, and loved the wide variety of items. i liked their ramen much better than ony's (although i also preferred the ramen at the 55th street menchanko-tei to ony's), and loved the okonomiyaki and eggplant. enjoyed the takoyaki but thought the octopus was slightly rubbery--haven't had alot of octopus experience but i thought the texture was supposed to be more like squid? anyway, i'd definitely go back soon to try more things.

on a side note: how are otafuku's okonomiyaki and takoyaki in comparison?

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