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My first vinegar making ?


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My first vinegar making ?

ncage1974 | Jul 8, 2009 08:49 PM

Hi guys/gals. Been researching vinegar making for the past couple of days. I decided to order a mother today off the internet (don't want to wait for one to form). This is probably my first of many questions i will make as i go along :). Every place you research seems to have a different story. A lot of places pretty much say you can dump your leftover drinking wine in with the concoction you have going but just try to not disturb the mother on top. Then a lot of places say you "MUST" use low sulfite wine (i've even heard thats why white wine vinegar is harder to make because it naturally contains more sulfites). Anyways, i digress.

I doubt most people generally only drink organic wines. So the statment you can dump your leftovers into your vinegar making crock don't seem to be true unless you only drink organic wines (which i'm assuming most people don't). Whats the true story on sulfites? Should you never use regular wine (non-organic that has sulfites printed on the bottle) or should you just not add them until your mother has started? So should you or should you not dump your "Normal" leftover wines in your vinegar crock?

I've never bought an organic wine before so hopefully i'm not getting into an expensive endeavor. If i "HAVE" to have organic wine we have a frair tuck in my town hopefully they will have a bottle of descent organic red wine.

any help or direction would be appreciated.


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