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Vindaloo technique assistance needed


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Vindaloo technique assistance needed

NYChristopher | Dec 23, 2007 02:43 PM

As I have developed patience in the kitchen, I have learned to do things like working with loads of individual spices, properly measuring them out, toasting, grinding, you get the picture.

Recently, I have tried making both chicken vindaloo and pork vindaloo and I've had one consistent problem: inability of the flavors to penetrate the meat.

In the case of the chicken, I used my favorite cut: thigh. For the pork, which I have only made once, I cubed some center cut pork chops which I feared from the beginning would be dry.

Her is the recipe I used for the pork vindaloo:

Quite tasty, even though I used yellow mustard seed instead of black mustard seed, which along with the dried red peppers, I did not have.

So, please, offer this novice some assistance. How do I turn this into a dish where the paste permeates the meat as opposed to meat in sauce.

Thanks in advance.

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