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Vietnamese Savory Sweets; Thach - French Influence?


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Vietnamese Savory Sweets; Thach - French Influence?

opinionatedchef | May 14, 2011 11:11 PM

I'm always intrigued by unusual sweets and so far I'm finding Vietnamese sweets the most consistently strange and fascinating of all! Recently I discovered Thach, a colorful strata of thin layers of different flavored gelatin. Does anyone know if this Vietnamese dessert, what I consider to be a gelatin version of European tortes, came about because of the French colonists? Is it a fairly new thing or does it have a history of many hundreds of years? I'd also like to know same with regards to the drink, Che.

This is a great resource for photos and descriptions of these items and more:

Googling has got me nowhere so far, so I'm reaching out to you CHs!Thanks much.

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