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Victoria and Vancouver Rec's... coming from SF


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Victoria and Vancouver Rec's... coming from SF

Lord Griffin | Nov 19, 2010 11:56 AM

Hi All,

My Family and I will be coming to Victoria and Vancouver this christmas for 8 days. We all love amazing food, from the dives to the most expensive...

In Victoria, where should we eat for 2 nice nights out? I know im going to Red Fish Blue Fish for lunch one day, any other spots we must hit for lunch/breakfast?

In Vancouver, we're looking for one really nice dinner out, but it looks like a lot of the more highly recommended restaurants like Fuel and Cioppinos are extremely expensive... In SF im used to having a lot of great restaurants in the 25-30$ entree range. We'd like something that Vancouver specifically does very well, like pacific NW, with slightly more reasonable prices.

Additionally, what else does Vancouver do best compared to SF? I know chinese is big... I have lived in Shanghai and love XLB's... I know indian is big, but the only Indian restaurant I have heard of in Vancouver is on the very pricey side, and Im used to inexpensive indian.

Any other suggestions on any style of cuisine are appreciated... Im really looking forward to the trip!

Red Fish Blue Fish
1006 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W, CA

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