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Vegetarian sugar shack ... an oxymoron? [Moved from Quebec board]


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Vegetarian sugar shack ... an oxymoron? [Moved from Quebec board]

eoj | Mar 20, 2008 10:45 AM

What is it with vegetarians looking to be accommodated at meat-oriented restaurants and other meat-heavy food-related activities? Whether it's self-imposed (for either personal or religious reasons) or medically-advised, if you're vegetarian, then some food activities just aren't designed for you. "I've heard bacon is yummy, but could I get it without the pork?"

So while there are things for a vegetarian to eat at a sugar shack (e.g. maple syrup on snow, or maple-syrup on crepes), you're never going to have the experience that an omnivore does and raves about.

What do you think? Is it worth looking for a sugar shack that accommodates a vegetarian diet?

(I can't help but be a bit further annoyed by the CH censors... sometimes I wish you'd just let people carry on a discussion and not interfere unless a post is truly off-topic or offensive. Having had 2 carefully thought-out posts deleted, I'm annoyed at having to re-write it again and am thus feeling about 10x more snarky about the whole issue).

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