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Vegetables so robust you need a steak-knife


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Vegetables so robust you need a steak-knife

ipsedixit | Nov 1, 2010 11:18 AM

When the weather turns a bit chilly, I tend to want -- or really, crave -- hearty robust vegetables.

You know, the kind that when properly prepared requires a steak knife to handle and eat.

For example, cauliflower simply cut in half and roasted (or broccoli) is a good example. You get this slightly charred outer layer (from time under the broiler), and this meaty center that is a bit gooey but still firm. In no way is it "fork-tender" ... it is, as I like to call it, roasted to a "steak-knife ready" doneness.

But I am at loss for other good candidates.

Any ideas?

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