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Vegas Report II--Commander's Palace, Fix, Delmonico's


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Vegas Report II--Commander's Palace, Fix, Delmonico's

Robin | Aug 13, 2005 06:24 PM

Commander’s Palace Lunch Monday
We returned for the 25cent martini lunch (four per person is allowed). Off to a bad start with the couple next to us conducting business on their cell phone for 10 minutes. But we persevered and were helped by the arrival of our martinis. They also have a prix fix lunch but we did not order from that menu. We both enjoyed the turtle soup which had a hearty and spicy flavor. Very tasty. My S.O. order a PoBoy sandwich…½ fried oysters and ½ andouille sausage. He liked it, although, I thought it quite a large sandwich for one person and it came with very yummy fried sweet potatoes. I wasn’t as hungry and ordered the appetizer of the fried oysters (again, I just loved them). Another martini but no dessert. The wait person shook our hands when we left and thanked us.. Is this a new gesture in restaurants? Service was also very good. Just love that restaurant.

Fix Dinner Tuesday
Dinner at Fix for 8:30 reservation. Fortunately, we had walked off our lunch. Once again, service was impeccable, efficient and friendly but not overbearing. Started our meal with wine and cocktails. Two long breadsticks, one plain and one with calamata olives served with a flavored butter spread on the side. The restaurant is quite noisy but still able to carry on a conversation. Just seemed like a lively spot to eat. We ordered an appetizer which was incredible. It is called Fix Forks. A platter arrives with 8 forks topped with balls of thinly sliced salmon rolled around some crème fraiche, I believe and served with a small serving of caviar atop the ball (poppers). There is a small dish that has crème fraiche and dill which is for dipping the fork of salmon and then you wrap the little blini pancakes that are served with the appetizer around the little balls of salmon. I ordered the evening special of Ahi Tuna which was just the right amount of cooking time and I was asked how well I wanted it cooked. In fact, the waiter, Michael said that the chef will do his best to accommodate the diner and their requests. My S.O. ordered the drunken lobster (soaked in Meyer’s rum) which came with some fantastic tasting proscuitto wrapped gnocchis spread around the plate. We were told that there is a regular customer who comes in frequently and just orders the gnocchis. They are that good. Dessert was cup of expresso shake with a chocolate brownie. The plate seemed to be designed just for that dessert as it was curved and had a specific cup holder for the chocolate shake. As in Commander’s Palace, Michael, the waiter shook our hands and thanked us. It was a wonderful meal and evening. Will definitely return on our next visit.

Delmonico’s Dinner Wednesday
Usually, it is the best for last but unfortunately this meal was a huge disappointment. Reservations at 9:00 which had been made a week earlier. We were shown a table by one of the doors and directly in front of a prep station. I requested a move to another table. The hostess left us standing there for 5 minutes while she checked with the maitre d’. There were quite a few vacant tables. But we were moved to a more pleasant location. The waitperson was very pleasant and assisted me with choosing a wine by the glass as my S.O. doesn’t drink wine. When I settled on the wine, he took off without getting the drink order for my S.O. We had to flag him down. We started with the gumbo ( we are obviously big gumbo fans) which was chunks of beef, andouille sausage and shrimp. I decided that I was not a big fan of gumbo with beef in it. But it was okay just not great and yes, I have had gumbo there before which was excellent. I ordered the special of the evening which was a petite grilled ribeye steak topped with blue cheese and served with smashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. S.O. ordered the bone-in steak. Unfortunately, the kitchen got confused with our order and we both were served the bone-in steak. The waiter was told about the error and took away both plates with the right order to be kept warm. When my actual order arrived, it seemed as if the presentation had been hurried and with one bite of my steak, came pure disappointment. It was flavorless. The bone-in steak was better but not the best steak we have eaten. Maybe the fact that it sat under a heat lamp for 10 minutes didn’t help. Yes, we were disappointed. A few months ago, we ate lunch at Delmonicos and had the perfect meal of steak tartar, beef medallions and another kind of sliced (sirloin, I think) steak. All very good. We are hoping that we hit an off night and we will try again next trip.

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