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Why Vegas lumped in with SW as one board ?

Bigtigger | Apr 24, 2008 02:17 PM

I did read Jacquilynne's comment that CH is not particularly looking for suggestions about new boards, thank you very much ! a little nanny-like but then I don't have the hassle of moderating !

It does strike me as a bit bizarre that Vegas, which has emerged as THE foodie destination in N America - hell, one of the top in the world - for serious cuisine - is merged with the large and prosperous SW markets when it really does deserve its own board. After all, we (meaning the millions of tourists a year) come to Vegas for Vegas. Phoenix and the other locations on the SW Board are of course important destinations too, for locals as for tourists, but a distinct market.

It would, selfishly speaking, be a lot more convenient to scroll down and participate in/learn from all-Vegas discussions on a dedicated board than to sort through the rest of the SW now interspersed with it.

My two cents worth, anyway...I doubt mine is the first such suggestion !

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