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Vegan Cream Cheese

FelafelBoy | Feb 23, 201208:29 PM

Thumbs up on vegan cream cheese ('"veggie plain cream cheese") made by the brand Galaxy, the company that makes soy-based cheese slices as well as another variety that is rice-based. The cheese slices are ok for grilled cheese sandwiches but don't yield the kind of creamyness I find with dairy-based cheese.

The Galaxy brand of cream cheese is different in this respect. I didn't know the company made such a product and I had limited myself to the Tofutti variety (the one which is made without partially hydrogenated oil), so I thought I would give this a try, particularly since I read in the ingredients that a primary one used is coconut oil along with other non-GMO ingredients.

It tastes similar to the Tofutti version, but is more buttery and has a velvety-type mouth feel - I suspect from the prevalence of the coconut oil used. I find the Tofutti version has more of a solid and more dense mouth feel. Supposedly the Galaxy cream cheese can be used in baking, whereas with Tofutti, the ones made with partially hydrogenated oil hold up better in baking - most likely due to the presence of the oil.

I'd recommend both these brands for anyone who needs their "fix" of cream cheese and who prefers it in the vegan non-dairy form.

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