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Veal vs Beef

KAREN | Sep 28, 200505:40 PM

Maybe some of the butcher savy people can help me out here. I recently found veal short ribs at my local meat market. They were terric BTW, but the ? is, where have they been all this time? I have never seen them before, although beef short ribs are a fall/winter standby. And the veal flank steak, where does that go? I"ve never seen one of those, but have found lamb flank steaks, tiny tho they are, pretty good to put on skewers and grill. And are veal cheeks and beef cheeks the same thing with the beef cheeks being from an older animal, or are they really veal and just called beef cheeks to avoid the veal stigma. I buy 10 lbs of veal cheeks each fall, vacuum seal them in 2 portion packs for use all winter long, but have never seen beef cheeks except on resturant menus. Are some of these cuts, like the hanger steak, the "butchers cut", meaning they take them home and not sell them to the consumer because they are so good, or do just have a lousy butcher?

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