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Vancouver Take Out - Report

Gobstopper | Oct 11, 200907:06 AM

Restaurants/Bullet points below. Had a great trip with great weather. Wonderful place to eat.

Beware imitators - It took us a bit to find the right one - but was worth it (even with a baby).
I can't believe how good the wiener felt in my mouth.
The pork dog had near perfect mouth feel for a forcemeat.
Though I would typically be a two dog guy one was plenty.
Flavour arc much like tako yaki.
Poor drink selection but at least it wasn't a gouge (1 dollar a pop).
Brilliant - worth a second trip even on vacation. Indeed, we went back for a second round.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread:
Nice if not a bit poorly executed. Substantial toppings and good flavour.
Oven too cold but this a problem so common with forno cooked pizza that it is never a suprise.

What a great trick - imagine having a successful restaurant and adding a busy takeout location to it but one you don't have to cook for.
Just sell cold food at full price.
However the food was good to great
The samosas were brilliant and enjoyed the black chick pea curry very much.
Coconut beef (not spicy enough to be a madras, but very nice)
Chicken Marsala (subtler but still enjoyable).
Great tip about reheating naan bread from the guy at the counter:
Hot non stick pan, keep it moving, add a bit of butter.
This place isn't actually better than Namskar though I believe Vij's to be a bit more inventive.

Granville island pastry:
Nice toasty quality.
Tainted by endless renditions of some kind of whistle music from cowboy movies.
Also tainted by tortured and gimpy pigeons.

Lee's Granville island donuts:
homecut, dutch crunch, butter crunch = good
I find local donuts tend to be slightly over cooked but in a nice way.
Cherish this place because fresh donuts are going extinct.

Kitsilano farmers market:
nice price. good products.
Made a home lunch of sablefish, chantrelles and fingerling potatoes.

Patisserie LaBeaux:
Good - blueberry and apple custard. Still warm - 2 something bucks each. Hard to beat
Went back and had rice cream waffle and lemon waffle.
Rice cream = rice pudding inside a waffle. Sounds gross but tastes fantastic.
This place actually was sort of life changing for two reasons.
1. Finally a pop tart that tastes as good as you imagine when you saw the commercials as a kid
2. You see the truth: everyone who actually owns a lambo/ferrari etc is middle aged and has bad hair and bad style.

Granville island bagel:
salt and rosemary / onion bagels - nice. Good score. Economical considering location etc.
Round two we had the salmon sandwich with cream cheese, onion and capers.
My god. You people have the best lox. Probably cause you have the best salmon.

Sun Sui Wah:
Lychee sweet and sour pork - not bad - Beef with rice noodles - meh. Squab = big quail.
Not much different. bigger bites.
Flavouring not exactly nuanced just mild.
I'm sure it's good compared to other places that would sell 1/10th as many.
Posh takeout containers.
I know we didn't get any seafood but the whole market price schtick and the scale of those dishes hardly seemed worth it for two people.

Patisserie Bordeaux:
ahhh old wedding cakes with dusty fondant.
Had the poppyseed danish. It was okay.
Bought some petit fours (but these were cookies) and sold by the gram?
love the process - but cookies were unremarkable.
I can see the appeal - kind of classical european bakery - priced in the pre-foodie revolution way - but I didn't feel the love

Go Fish:
Let me first say that the number of "bad service" complaints written about this place is so pathetic.
It is a shack. It's like complaining about the staff at a mall food court.
Overheard some facey old guy saying he didn't think the potatos benefited from being fried in the same oil as the fish.
I guess he must eat at Ducasse every other day of his life, and was just slumming it.
Food was great. Brilliant fish sandwich (and I've had some great ones).
In Calgary we pay 50% more for much worse.

Sushi Bar:
Local recco and close to our location.
Was good. so fast - not sure if everyplace is this cheap and this fast but it was nice enough.
Literally 1/3rd the price of Calgary sushi and easily as good.

Our only sit down meal of the trip: my daughter napped all the way through.
Arrived at opening - line up within about 30 minutes of opening.

chicken skin chips with curry dusting - brilliant
chicken meatball with black sesame - also brilliant
chicken meatball with daikon ponzu sauce - skip the daikon
beef tongue - wonderful
chicken thigh with shisho leaf - also great
ebi mayo - on skewers - it was standard
pork toro - skip it - underseasoned (if at all)
garlic greens wrapped with pork - BRILLIANT
chicken leg - good, double up and get salt and sauce
summer scallop - okay
pork wrapped sticky rice - odd, not bad, but not again
roasted black cod with lotus chips and sprouts - black cod is just about bullet proof - good
beef with daikon - skip
black arashi - munich dark beer - good
dan dan - shochu = I love this stuff and want it in Calgary for home purchase very badly

This is great food. I was excited to have it and I loved it. Go at opening.
If anything, I would have skipped the skewers that have daikon on them, but that is just me - it seems just like wet snow to me.
We sat across from the Vancouver version of The Hills.
Well eating beef tongue they discussed the pros/cons of their snowboarder lovers vs. their cash earning boyfriends.

Thanks to everyone for their help and original recco's.

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