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VANCOUVER: Days 3 and 4 -- Farmers Market, West, Richmond Night Market, Sun Sui Wah


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VANCOUVER: Days 3 and 4 -- Farmers Market, West, Richmond Night Market, Sun Sui Wah

extramsg | Aug 29, 2005 06:54 PM

Sorry I took so long. Clients actually wanted me to work. What's up with that?

Day 3: Himalaya, East Vancouver Community Market, West, Richmond Night Market

Day 4: Sun Sui Wah, Primo Gelato, May Satay Hut

Wow, I thought day 3 would just be sight seeing. Nope.

We went to get a snack of samosas based on Arne's rec at Himalaya, but ended up getting butter chicken, naan, and some sweets as well. The samosas were quite good. Very nice crusts. The butter chicken was acceptable and the naan a little weird, tasting like puffed wheat. The sweets sucked. Very stale.

On the way over to the highway, we saw a sign of the farmer's market. What the hell, we stopped. Found a parking spot right across the street. It's small enough that we explored it all in just 20 minutes. Got some really good vegan chocolates from Bad Girl Chocolates. Interesting flavors and decent textures, especially for vegan. While it's not a huge markets, it has its own hippy character and there were some nice and rare produce. I really wanted to buy some of those hanging chiles. Got some blackberries instead, some of which were fantastic, some of which were a bit tart. Tasted some cheese, marvelled at some mushrooms, then headed north.

Went to the lighthouse, suspension bridge, Horseshoe Bay. Had an early reservation at West and we got done in time (despite terrible traffic across the bridge) to change before dinner. We each got a tasting menu at West. It was so nice to have true haute cuisine. Portland doesn't have any places that truly qualify. Each dish was art, both for the eye and palate. Service was solid four star quality. I got a great foie gras course, crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, with nice roasted peaches fragrant with a vanilla-rosemary sauce. My wife's favorite course was probably her crab-avocado "salad". Fairly classic, but executed perfectly.

We were stuffed and really didn't think we'd eat too much more, but were bored back at the hotel and decided to try the Richmond Night Market. Glad we did. Wow! It's Disneyland for the Asian food-lover. I could have spent hours sampling. Everything's fresh and there's tons of stuff you rarely see in a restaurant.

Next day was the last. Guilted my wife into dim sum. For some reason Sun Sui Wah in Richmond wasn't open, yet the one in Chinatown was packed. Wasn't impressed. Everything was greasy and I don't think it's even as good as our best place here in Portland. Probably should have hit Kirin.

Did some more biking along the shoreline and got some gelato from Primo. Decent, but nothing special. Flavors weren't as good as they could be. I think Mondo down the road is clearly better.

Hit Malay Satay Hut in Seattle on the way home. Not as nice a restaurant as Banana Leaf, but the food is as good and in some cases better. Although, I definitely liked the roti canai at Banana Leaf better.



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