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USDA replaces Food Pyramid with new "MyPlate" guidelines


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USDA replaces Food Pyramid with new "MyPlate" guidelines

goodhealthgourmet | Jun 2, 2011 06:38 PM

it's a bit better than the pyramid, but that's not saying much. it still needs a lot of improvement.

my thoughts:
- there's no mention of healthful fats.
- they should specify that the majority of your vegetables should be of the *non-starchy* or fibrous variety because this country is on potato & corn overload.
- there's nothing about portion or plate sizes.
- i'd like to see the "grains" portion even smaller.
- i'm also on the fence about the way it sends the "eat fruit with every meal" message, particularly because i *know* that will translate to sugary applesauce or fruit juice for a lot of people.

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