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USA Tea Room locator and all things tea

rworange | Nov 8, 2005 01:54 PM

While looking for chocolate tea, I came across this site which seems pretty terrific to me.

I can't speak for the rest of the USA, but the California list seems complete. In addtion, if there is a website, it is listed. No website, they link to a review if there is one. Also there are lots of tearooms with pictures.

If you search by state, there is no particular order. If you search by zipcode, it lists all the tea rooms in your state, ordered by those closest to the zipcode entered.

This site is part of Adagio tea, but they don't restrict the tea room list to those places selling their tea.

Also some other really cool features on the site. There are articles about tea.

There are recipes using tea with a really unique, to me, monthly recipe contest ... I mean what a way to sell that tea ...

Here's the deal ... every month they feature a tea and have a contest, asking people to submit tea for that variety. In past months (this seems a new feature) it was hojicha fugue (sept) and jasmine (oct). This month is Rooibos.

The clever part is they send you a free sample of the tea to create your recipe. You get that sample and you are hooked. The Hojicha Fried Tofu sounded good.

They also have a tea chat room and they don't restrict talk to Adagio tea. I stumbled across the site looking for chocolate tea. In that discussion the moderator very generously even directed the poster to another tea purveyor - Serendipitea.

I've got to say the site is so well thought out and the forum software is pretty cool too. It is the old 'Miracle on 34th Street" concept put into practice ... if you don't have it or someone else has a good version, send the shopper there. They'll be back because they like the helpful (online) store.

Anyway, should you check out the flavored tea discussions, bacon tea was just a joke.

Seems like Bigelow is selling eggnog tea.

Not that they don't have discussions on serious tea too like Black, Green, White, Oolong etc. The only nit I have with the tea chat is they, uh, allow posters to get off topic.

Anyway, seems like a very useful site.


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