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Update on Moderation - An Inquiry

MGZ | Dec 9, 201405:35 AM     21

As many are aware, certain questions have been raised concerning perceived changes to the manner and focus of moderation on Chowhound. Sadly, it seems the discussions have either grown excessively uncomfortable or run afoul of the changes that were perceived. Either way, I sign in to see the blossoming discussions I looked away from, pruned back to stems and thorns, their petals lost to the prevailing winds - and, worse, sometimes even moved out of reach of the sprinkler heads.

So, herein, I simply ask of the Management: Explain. Please provide us with the state of the community and the rules of engagement. If nothing has changed, then perhaps it would be prudent to opine as to why so many seem to think that it has.* If it is something as simple as "we have new folks here who's personal strengths and weaknesses means that their subjective views lead to different interpretations," then display the necessary fortitude and communication skills to confess that fact. It's your sandbox, just let us know enough to decide if it's still going to be fun to play in it.**

I'm also asking of my fellow 'hounds, friends in food foolery, to not sh*t in the sandbox right now. There is a tremendous, passionate energy brought to the table - I understand. If that must surface in vitriol, so be it, but please find one of my many posts on any subject and direct it at me. I've got 7 mil skin, an aging memory, and a Christ-like ability to forgive.

I had contemplated placing this inquiry in an e-mail, but I concluded it's a community issue. If you choose to answer me directly, that's certainly your prerogative. I make no assurances that any such communications will be held in confidence. Any approach is likely to be better than resorting to the chokehold, right?

* Believe it or not, there are at least a few pretty bright folks around here, don't let the grease stains on their shirts fool you.

** Right now, selling my soul to the folks at American Crossroads doesn't seem as vile as it used to.

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