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Uses for this unusual mortar & pestle?


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Uses for this unusual mortar & pestle?

notjessica | May 2, 2010 01:31 PM

My boyfriend moved out of the country this weekend. He'll be back in a few months but he gave me all his kitchen appliances & utensils before he left. One of the items, which from what he told me was something a friend had given him, was a mortar & pestle that's made of some kind of porous material I've never seen a mortar & pestle made of before. It's heavy but really rough & grainy with lots of little nooks & crannies. It looks a lot like pumice.

It's a pretty nice, albeit confusing piece. I would like to use it for spices & such but I'm afraid it would be difficult to clean any little bits that get stuck in there. I'd be afraid to grind anything in it for that matter. Anyone seen one of these before & have suggestions for use/cleanup after use? I think my boyfriend used it to make guacamole a couple of times but I don't have any other ideas.

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