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Too many unopened mussels in restaurants...


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Too many unopened mussels in restaurants...

anakalia | Aug 14, 2011 05:05 PM

I've had a few unsatisfactory experiences lately ordering mussels in restaurants, and am wondering if I'm just being too picky -- what is an "acceptable" percentage, in your opinion, of unopened mussels to have in a serving?

The other night, for example, I went to a nice restaurant where I had a "small plate" of mussels, and out of about 12, 4 were unopened (and another 1 was questionable)... I thought this wasn't quite right, and pointed it out to the waitress, who seemed to think I was being a pain, although she did bring me out some more. Was I out of line?

I guess I don't understand why this often happens, because when I make mussels at home, I rarely ever get one that doesn't open -- maybe I overcook them? I mean, do the restaurants need to give them another minute or two so more open? Or are 1/4 of this restaurant's mussels already dead?

I'm just really confused. Please enlighten me!

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