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About Meritage Wine Bar:

"...They're really trying to revitalize the downtown area of Glen Cove, and make it a new destination location for people to come and dine, and we're right in the middle of it trying to do that as well..."

It'd be nice to have a restaurant like this in every neighborhood.

That said, we here on the Island don't talk much or review many restaurants in areas that are/were 'undesirable' (define that as you may).

There's a lot of food being served outside of Great Neck and Roslyn and other Big neighborhoods. And there's more than $teakhouses and Italian restaurants on this Island. Or Chinese restaurants.

The food media can only report so much. And what little is being discussed here on Chowhound and on another site, Facebook Tri-State Restaurant Club, outside of showing off how much money some people spend is not making any progress.

The downtown area of Lindenhurst is having a hipster awakening of sorts. The restaurants and the like are opening up there like they did and do in "up-and-coming" areas of Brooklyn where there was for a long time nothing to eat or write about.
Yet here on Long Island we have many restaurants in these lesser known towns that have places that serve excellent food.
It'd be great if the food media was able to devote money and resources to reporting on these businesses. Us here as well.

Freeport comes to mind. As does Amityville. And Hempstead.

I tend to use Chowhound for my cheap lunches and some cheap breakfasts, and I'm sure I'm not the only one on a budget.

As much as I have enjoyed my very expensive lunches and dinners on some company expense account by some sales persons at The Capital Grille and Cirella's and Blackstone's and Jimmy Hays and, and, and... there's the daily lunch I take on my own or with a coworker that makes me most intrigued with the offerings on this Island.

I do get to the diner a lot with these sales people as well, but, there's a lot in the other categories that interests me.

Does anyone have a place in an area or town that's not getting reviews because of location or other factors? If so, let's hear about it. It'd be great to enjoy a meal somewhere other than the drive-thru or $teakhouse.

Tacos El Chingon has already been reported on and I'm fascinated in more...


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