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underground restaurants (not in basements...)


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underground restaurants (not in basements...)

Gabriel Solis | Aug 5, 2001 05:02 PM

What do you all think about underground restaurants (that is, those operating outside the system of governmental regulation), and do you or do you not post about them here? Having eaten recently at an exceptional thai restaurant that is outside the system recently, this question has bee intriguing me.

I'm not an anarchist (or even a small government-ist). I generally believe health codes and a system strong enough to enforce them are a good thing. On the other hand, I think that it's the MNCs that really need to be policed on this front, not small, family-owned restaurants. Sure, some of them might not keep up health standards without enforcement, but I'm quite sure McD's would be much worse, much more often if not for these regulations. So while I don't mind the regulations, I'm pretty comfortable patronizing a place that is not within the system, if I feel good about them generally.

As for posting about the place, I would like to share the info and do whatever I can to help this place do a good business (so far they seem to be doing fine without whatever they might reap from postings on the hound). But, call me paranoid, sure, but it seems to me that anything other than actual word-of-mouth could bring in the authorities.

Curious if others have run into this issue and what y'all did about it.


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