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Unclear on pasta dough technique in cookbook, can anyone explain this?

calf | Dec 23, 201502:08 AM

The wording in (see following quote) Thomas Keller's steps for pasta dough is seriously tripping me up. I am struggling to comprehend the wording:

"Knead the dough by pressing it, bit by bit, in a forward motion with the heels of your hands rather than folding it over on itself as you would with a bread dough. Re-form the dough into a ball and repeat the process several times. The dough should feel moist but not sticky. Let the dough rest for a few minutes while you clean the work surface.

"Dust the clean work surface with a little flour. Knead the dough by pushing against it in a forward motion with the heels of your hands. Form the dough into a ball again and knead it again. Keep kneading in this forward motion until the dough becomes silky-smooth."

a) What does "bit by bit" refer to? Could it possibly mean literally knead small sections of the dough - like Fraiser/Fraisage technique in pastry - then gather it all back into a ball?
b) Does "knead" refer to one motion or a series of motions? Similarly, what is the "process"? One press + gather ball, or Multiple presses + gather ball?
c) After cleaning the work surface, is kneading still the same? Why use "push against the dough" instead of the previous "press the dough"?

I'm feeling lost, help!

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