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Ugh, why did I order that? Do you ever know better but do it anyway?

babette feasts | Oct 20, 201109:51 AM

There are a few categories of food that I seem to have a hard time avoiding. If I thought it through or asked the server, I would know I don't want it, but somehow I manage to convince myself I'll like it, order it, don't like it, and get really annoyed at myself. Am I the only one?

I like sweets and desserts, but I really DO NOT enjoy sweetness in my savory food. Last week I went out for a fancy dinner and was trying to decide between the halibut with brandade and the scallops with bacon jam. I was thinking salty bacon, not sweet jam, so I ordered the scallops. The bacon was sweet, and while the scallops were lovely, the bacon was a huge proportion of the flavor on the plate and the sweetness ruined it for me. Should have had the halibut. This morning I decided to try a new diner that's been getting a lot of hype. The poutine looked good but I didn't want to start my day with a french fry gut bomb. Shrimp and grits looked good but I didn't want to spend $17 on breakfast. So ... pancake, egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. How did I manage to convince myself I would enjoy that? The pancakes were really sweet and impossible to separate from the other components. Yuck. I feel like I need to start asking the servers which dishes have no discernable sweetness or added sugar.

The other category for me is fried food (excluding french fries). Every now and then fish & chips sounds like a good idea, but it isn't. Same with the appetizer sampler platter type thing where everything is fried.

What do you always end up regretting ordering?

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