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Had a turkey trauma...now I've lost my mojo.


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Had a turkey trauma...now I've lost my mojo.

Christina D | Nov 24, 2012 08:24 PM

We had Thanksgiving on lockdown. Everything was timed to the minute, the turkeys were looking beautiful and everybody was having a great time. Then, the wheels came off.

I tried something different this year, roasting the turkeys using Alton Brown's method and cooking the stuffing in a dish. The recipe called for the turkeys to take 2 - 2.5 hours and to pull the birds when the breast reached 161. Ours took 1 hour and 57 minutes to reach temp and as I said, looked gorgeous. I took several readings in the breasts and all temps were a go.

The first problem was that I had allocated 2.5 hours for cooking, so it threw our timeline off. Not a huge issue, but slightly uncomfortable because we had family members arriving later after work. We had to let the turkeys rest longer than we had planned. It was when we decided to finish off the meal and carve that the sky fell. Although the breasts were perfect, the legs and thighs were practically RAW! In fact, I think I heard a "gobble, gobble" in protest when they were cut.

I made the absolute critical error of measuring only in the breast and completely forgot to measure in the thigh. I was utterly embarassed. The timeline and all our plans went out the window as we tried to make sure that the breasts were salvaged and the dark meat was cooked, all the while trying to make sure that we didn't cross-contaminate anything and kill a guest or two in the process.

I keep seeing that damned raw turkey in my sleep and its the first thing I think about when I recall Thanksgiving 2012. And just to add insult to injury, the stuffing cooked outside the bird did not meet my standards. I wiffed on the two biggest parts of the meal.

Now, everything I touch turns to crap. It feels like no matter what I cook, everything is just off. Anybody know where I can go to get my mojo back?

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