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Turkey-Thawing Help Needed!


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Turkey-Thawing Help Needed!

trombasteve | Nov 24, 2010 01:13 AM

Okay, so I'm living in Amman, Jordan, and finally managed to get a turkey (not easily done here) for friends for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but the bird is about 22 lbs, still frozen, and we've got 18-20 hours until mealtime.

So, I'm calling on all the turkey experts with two questions I'm hoping someone can help me with:

1. Obviously thawing the bird in the refrigerator is going to take too long, so we need to put it in water, but I read that the temperature of the water can be a bacteria risk. Could I put the (still packaged) bird in a big pot, fill the pot with cold water, and put that all in the fridge? Would that be safe?


2. We'd really like to brine the bird before roasting it, but there may not be enough time to thaw the bird, brine it, and then roast it. Also, all the water-thawing methods I read say that you have to cook the bird immediately after thawing it - if I manage to thaw it in time to brine it first, would that be safe? Alternatively, could the bird finish thawing in the brine?


Steve in Jordan

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