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Why no turkey drippings?


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Why no turkey drippings?

D-NY | Nov 26, 2004 02:48 PM

So I had a 8.6lb organic free-range turkey (it was just me and my mom), brined it overnight (just salt & watter), left it in the fridge for ~3 hrs to dry, rub it with butter, sprinkled with sage/pepper, stuffed some some herbs and popped it in a 500degree oven for 30 min, then in a 350 degree oven, with foil over the breast (and, at my mother's request, cooked stuffing placed in the bird). It was supposed to be in the 350 oven for 1 hr +, but after 20 minutes (i think) it was 160 in the breast, 175 in the leg. I left it in for anoter 15 minutes, let it sit for 30, then carved. It was incredibly tasty. But two problems
1- there were almost no turkey drippings. I mean there wasn't even a teaspoon worth. My plans for gravy went out the window. Was this because of the high-heat method? Or cause it was organic? Or because it didn't cook on the low-heat enough?
2- the turkey wasnt really cooked, at the bone it was still pink. Was my thermometer broken? Can I just pop in sections to cook before eating them now as leftovers?

thanks for any tips for the future!

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