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turkey burgers & cast iron pans


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turkey burgers & cast iron pans

nancy | Oct 12, 2004 07:36 PM

after reading all the raves about cast iron pans, i finally got around to purchasing my new lodge this past weekend. last night i decided to christen it with turkey burgers. it wasn't exactly a success, and i'm counting on the 'hound experts to explain the mysteries of these pans to yours truly.

i should start by saying that the pan is of the new "pre-seasoned" variety (is this blasphemous?), and according to the attached directions, all i needed to do was to apply some cooking spray or vegetable oil. since i'm watching my waistline, i let it heat up for a couple of minutes and applied some pam, then waited a couple more minutes. then i put my burgers in the pan, which i should mention is the one with the ridges (not the flat bottom). the guy in the store recommended this type for cooking meat because the fat can stay away from the burger. while not a total disaster and actually fairly juicy in the end result, the burgers stuck to the pan in a bad way. also, the sides of the burgers didn't cook all the way through, and i had to cut them off (don't want food poisoning).

so, i have several theories as to why the burger stuck to the pan, and why they didn't cook all the way. please comment as you see fit, or add your own.

1. i bought the wrong kind (should've bought the flat bottom kind b/c the fat is necessary so the burgers won't stick)

2. i didn't let it heat up enough, and/or didn't let the spray heat up enough, and/or i didn't put enough spray on

3. i should've used veggie or olive oil

4. i made the patties too thick and the sides didn't have enough time to cook through

5. i put too many patties in at once (4) and it somehow hindered the cooking process

sorry for being long-winded about this, but i figure that painting a full picture will elicit some smart responses from you guys.


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