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Aside from Turkey bacon, which is the best pork-substitute — lamb bacon, beef bacon or goose bacon?

halaalcookUK | Mar 14, 201805:55 AM    

My wife and I are smallholders who raise our own animals and our own herbs, vegetables and fruits, and we also love to cook gourmet meals. As part of our religious faith we refrain from eating certain foods, and of those foods the ones that come oo most in recipes are wine and pork. For wine, we've a perfect subsistute called verjuice, which is what common people in the Middle Ages used in place of wine when cooking, as they couldn't afford it (I can share the recipe if you'd like) but for pork it's a bit more tricky. When the bacon or other pork product called for in the dish (obviously we don't try pork based dishes, but we try to work with dishes that might call for bacon or lard etc) is fat, like lard or rendered bacon, we use goose fat which works splendidly, for bacon it's a wee bit harder. Turkey bacon is quite good for breakfast or on something like a BLT or Hamburger, but as part of a recipe it's rubbish because although it's shaped like bacon it doesn't have the qualities that bacon has, namely being fatty meat from the back or underside of an animal. We've been reading that lamb bacon, cow bacon and duck or goose bacon is good, but we don't know anyone whose had it, all of our mates just eat Turkey bacon or have something else, we are going to be using this pork free bacon to wrap around roasted quail for a dinner that we're hosting on Friday evening, so I've come here to ask which is best, we have sheep on our (and a lamb that's mostly intact aside from the missing legs, we had for dinner the last few days, hanging in the meat refrigerator), we also have geese and we can easily purchase organic, pasture raised beef. We don't know anyone whose tried this, as most of our mates has Turkey bacon or just avoid bacon dishes, so I've come here to ask which is best. Thanks for your help!

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