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the TRUTH about KOBE BEEF(?)


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the TRUTH about KOBE BEEF(?)

deliciouslycheap | Feb 21, 2006 03:58 PM

Just saw a post about a "KOBE BURGER." And this past wkend, someone also told me about a "kobe burger" they had.

I went to wikipedia -- which says that the whole massage/beer thing is only done because the cows don't have room to exercise (as an alt. to exercise as a way to enhance hunger), but that does not truly enhance the taste. The coolness of the massage/beer thing is emphasized just to add to the hype.

The real point is (accord. to wikipedia): cows that are better fed, taste better. That's it.

SO, For those who have had REAL kobe beef (Urasawa folks most likely) (and I have not), is it better than Wagyu (American Kobe-style) beef?

What's the real deal with KOBE BEEF?


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