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Can We Trust "Nutrition Facts"?


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Can We Trust "Nutrition Facts"?

e.d. | Feb 24, 2006 11:37 AM

Let me start by saying that I am sure that the Nutrition Facts placed on packages by major American food producers are fairly accurate. But my question is about imported products from smaller producers.

In particular, I eat a lot of packaged Indian foods for lunch at work. I like their spiciness, their convenience, their no refrigerator/freezer packaging, and often their reasonably healthy qualities - often vegetarian etc.

But recently I have begun to wonder if I can trust the Nutrition Facts on products like these. One that I recently ate (from Kochinoor (sp)) was a mushroom with pickled spices dish that claimed to have extremely low fat content, yet when I prepared it, there was a lot of obvious grease puddled around (but it did taste good). Some from other companies seem to offer much less sodium than competing brands, but they taste about the same. I am aware that American packaging and labeling requirements are different from those in other countries, so perhaps small companies overseas don't put too much effort into accurate labeling.

Anyway, is there much inspection/enforcement of these things? What happens if a product is mislabeled? Have you ever had similar questions or found products mislabeled?


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