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Have you ever been in trouble for being a Chowhound?


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Have you ever been in trouble for being a Chowhound?

La Dolce Vita | Jan 13, 2005 01:22 AM

Cashchik's wonderful post "What brought you to Chowdom?" got me thinking.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for being a Chowhound? I'm specifically thinking of the cultural clash between a chowhound and certain non-chowhounds.

I'll give you an example from my past. I have an old friend whose idea of cooking is to combine things like cheeze-whiz, canned mushroom soup, tuna helper and bisquick to make a "quick and easy casserole." You get the idea.

A few years ago, we were cooking together and it was my job to chop the onions. She insisted that I use her onion-chopper gadget: a little jar with a plunger and blade. After several frustrated attempts and bits of onion that were getting pulverized beyond recognition, I quietly switched to using my chef's knife to finish the job. She caught me in the act and was offended that I had not asked her to demonstrate how to use the onion-chopper. I mumbled an apology, not wanting to get into an argument over it.

I try to be very low-profile around non-chowhounds, but I have still managed to find myself in awkward situations, like politely declining wine drawn from a mylar bag, or having to explain why it's okay to hold sliced potatoes in water for an hour or two until they're ready to be cooked. I've also stayed out of conversations where people swear that subsituting applesauce for butter makes just as good a pie crust as the all-butter variety.

I'm fine about people wanting to add salt to stuff I've cooked--everybody has different taste perceptions, after all. But what really rankles me is when non-chowhounds try to enforce their way of cooking on me and treat me like I'm an idiot in the kitchen. Worse yet, some of them throw off vibes that I am being a frightful snob because I care passionately about food and cooking.

Maybe I should just get a thicker skin.

Any comments?

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