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TRIPE....Settle this argument, conoscente only... please!!!


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TRIPE....Settle this argument, conoscente only... please!!!

ospreycove | Jul 27, 2010 05:56 AM

O.K. I regard tripe as a gift from the Gods. The problem/discussion is some of my associates say "Make sure you buy boiled tripe not Green Tripe". My answer is, all tripe sold in the U.S. is cleaned and boiled before offered for sale. Green tripe is very rank in its aroma, I tried to use it in France.It reminds me of Auntie who went down to the cellar, and 6 months later she is still there. Basically, it stinks so badly in its raw form it could not be handled in a retail butcher/supermarket. Also raw tripe, uncleaned is a digestive organ so it is chock full of all kinds of partially digested organic matter.

Now, to the "meat" of the discussion. If all tripe is boiled before sale, does that negate the need to boil it for several hours prior to finishing and serving the dish? Do you give a long boil to tripe you buy in a store? or proceed to the saute, fry, braise step of the prep.

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