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Trip Report, May - Venice, Florence Rome

johnmart11 | Jun 5, 201701:59 PM    

Alle Testiere - lunch on a Saturday. Among the first to arrive. Nice to have a choice of tables (some looked like they would be hard to get out of...). Great Venetian seafood and wines. Service was superb and we met some wonderful people seated next to us.
We had Scallops, gnochetti, prawns "busara" style, caprese salad, codfish puree with "biancoperla" polenta,pistachio flour cake. Highly recommend

Sestante - Just looking for something quick and not too much food. This fit the bill. Good bar service and the food was not remarkable but it was just what we needed at that moment.

Covino - fell in love with this place - good vibe with a friendly staff. Food was creative and delicious. We had; an amuse, Venetian style "saor" of vegetables,
Paccheri al Ragu, Coppone, Sea bream in "bagna cauda", Diane's dark chocolate cake, Tiramisu (and organic Chinotto)and a lovely cookie box (Spiderman). Really like the intimate feel of this place

Konnubio - had the 7 course with a bit of a wine pairing for my husband - amuse of deviled egg on a nest of crispy noodles, veal and tuna tartare, chicken liver terrine, pigeon and raspberry risotta, black tortellini with romanesco, veal cheek, mascarpone cheese charlotte, caramel parfait, dark chocolate mousse..., a fantastic bread service.
This was probably THE meal of our trip. The service was attentive and relaxed. The room was beautiful. Course after course of great food. Creative takes on cuisine that were inventive and modern. Just awesome.
Sostanza - lunch the next day. We had crostini, butter chicken, tottellini with meat sauce, and strawberry cake. The strawberries for the cake tasted a little funky (I know they were wild but I think they were a little past their prime...). Butter chicken was all I had hoped it would be. We got our first scolding for putting cheese on the chicken - oops! All in all a very good experience. Wish they took credit cards.

Retrobottega - Had the 6 course (the first place I have ever seen that didn't include a dessert in their multi-corse menu). Very nice plate of 5 "snacks" to start off with, saltimbocca, rabbit saddle, scallops with coffee gnocchi, tortellini, "meat and potatoes", brownie pb and cherries, apricot tart, chinotto and lots of wine. Good bread service.
Wonderful food and good service. It was not busy enough to warrant using the room in back apparently. That might have made for a better experience. The server wouldn't give me a glass of ice for my Chinotta, pointing to the bottle saying "this is how we drink it". I finally asked someone else for a glass of ice and they promptly got it for me because that is how I drink it.

Armando al Pantheon - Had the artichoke/buffalo moz app, zucchini app special, fettucinni/mushroom special, oxtail, trippa a la roma, and a side of greens. Very good experience. Glad we came to this restaurant for a taste of more traditional roman cuisine. Good service, really liked the room.

Il Sorpasso - I was told that this was a place to go if near the Vatican. I called but they said I wouldn't need reservations for lunch... Finally managed to snag a table at the bar (well very nearly in the street...). We had a nice plate of Italian ham, salad of pears/walnuts/gorgonzola, tuna tartare, "racion" of spring vegetables, zucchini dish with zucchini flowers. Some very nice dishes here. The staff seemed to be overwhelmed. Stressed out and running around, giving looks of frustration... At the end of our meal we sat with a table full of empty dishes. We waited and waited. We sat there. We thought about having dessert. We made eye contact with the bartender... zzz. We used the restroom and prepared to make our exit. We approached the bar to see if they knew where our check might be. It was right there. We paid and left.

Caffe Propaganda - We had to find a place near the coliseum to wait for a tour in an hour. We had a little lunch there and had the smallest spinach flan known to man and a lovely salad. It served its purpose but would have wanted more...

Pianostrada - chosen for our final meal. Not sure if it was worthy but it seemed like a good choice. When reserving I was persuaded into seating outside. When we arrived I was informed that there was a private party outside and that we would be indoors (which was more than fine with me).
I really like the feel and look of this place. But again the staff were STRESSED out, running around looking very worried...We had a fantastic bread service, the Pianostrada salad, paccheri/tuna dish, the smoked swordfish/fig jam/mozz sandwich, carrot/coconut tart, and chocolate caramel dessert.
Some confusion about ordering. the server talked me out of one selection and recommended something else and then forgot to bring it. We ordered three things to share and asked if that would be enough food - she seemed to think that was plenty (but what she really thought was that we ordered 2 pretty small things FOR DINNER, hmmm).One of the owners agreed to call a cab. we waited and waited and finally went to the corner and got our own...BUT I must say one of the owners gave us a lot of love and that sandwich was in my top 5 sandwiches EVER!

Armando al Pantheon
Il Sorpasso
Caffè Propaganda
Osteria alle Testiere
Trattoria Sostanza
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