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Trip Report: June 18-23 2011


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Trip Report: June 18-23 2011

asuzc | Jun 26, 2011 12:34 PM

My husband, me and his mom and step-dad went on vacation to New Orleans. We arrived Saturday afternoon after being in the car for 12 hours.

Saturday Evening:

We went to Red Fish Grill: The food and service were great.

I had the Red Fish Grill House Salad which was great. My entree was the HERBSAINT FLAMED CATFISH served with crispy tasso ham, sautéed spinach, yellow split peas, and tobacco onion rings. It was very good. The filet of catfish was done perfectly.

My husband's appetizer was GINGER GLAZED LOUISIANA SHRIMP with a boudin eggroll and Vietnamese dipping sauce. He said they were amazing. His entree was HICKORY GRILLED MAHI MAHI with a smoked shrimp butter sauce, crispy goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, green beans and a roasted pepper pumpkin seed relish. He said it was the best mahi mahi he had ever had.
For Dessert, we shared an incredible pecan pie.

The special item that my inlaws got was an appetizer of CRAB CROQUETTES Crab, Gulf shrimp and cream cheese croquettes served with roasted beets, pecans and an apple rosemary vinaigrette. My MIL and husband said they were great.

Sunday Brunch:

Of course earlier we had stopped by Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait.

We went to Cafe Atchafalaya. The food and service wasincredible.

I had the Bananas Foster French Toast: French bread, sautéed bananas, rum sauce with a side of bacon. These items were incredible. I had 5 large slices of bread and others helped me eat it.

My husband had the Steak and Eggs, Petit Prime Filet, fried hard eggs, hollandaise, lyonnaise potatoes with a Ramos Gin Fizz. He said it was done perfectly and GOOD!

I had focused on Cafe Atchafalaya because they had duck on the menu. It was Father's Day and my SFIL loves duck. He said it was the best and kept requesting to go back all week for brunch. He had a duck hash with blackberries and a poached egg.

My MIL wanted Fried Green Tomatoes and ordered Eggs Atchafalaya : Fried green tomatoes, poached eggs, hollandaise, jumbo lump crab meat. She finished the plate before I was half way done with my Bananas Foster French Toast.

Sunday Evening:

We went to Tommy's. The service was excellent.

They brought out bruchetta to start and it was very good.

I ordered the drum fish filet with a beurre blanc sauce and shrimp on top. It was the fish of night with sweet potato strings, corn maque choux. The vegetables were incredible. The fish was good but the seasoning was salty for my taste.

My husband ordered a shrimp corn chowder which was very good. Then he ordered a lamb provencial with herbed mashed potatoes and green beans. All was very good and the lamb was done perfectly.

My SFIL ordered the duck tchoupitoulas and he was it was very good.

My MIL ordered the avocado with lump crab meat for an appetizer and she said it was grand. Next she ordered the chicken parmesan. The linguini was done perfectly. Normally we hate to order pasta out to eat but it was perfectly al dente.

My husband ordered the banana foster bread pudding and it was very good. The creme brulee was ordered by my inlaws and they said it was good.

Monday Lunch: We had to change plans because they inlaws didn't want to the plantation. So we will have to go to Charlie's Seafood another time.

Joey K's....
My husband had the hamburger steak with onions and gravy with a sides of rice and corn. He said it was slap your granny good. :)

My inlaws both had corn beef and cabbage. They both said it was the best of that entree they had ever had.

I had red beans and rice with sausage. It was very good.

Monday Evening.

We went to Mr. B's Bistro. One of my favorites.

To start with I had the mixed salad and my entree was a double helping of gumbo ya ya. I loved it as always.

My husband had the gumbo ya ya, then the BBQ shrimp. As always he wanted to lick the bowl at the end.
I had the mixed berry compote for dessert which is divine. I love berry cobbler dishes and it is served in its own little dish that it baked in. YUM!
My husband had the molten cake and it was delicious also.

Tuesday Lunch:
My husband and I ventured down Magazine street to Tracy's Restaurant and Bar.

We started off with fried dill pickles and boudin balls. The pickles were done perfectly. The boudin balls were the best my husband had eaten. He said it was like dirty rice fried.

The roast beef po-boy and shrimp were okay but not awesome.

Then, we ventured up to Sucre. I had a strawberry shortcake gelato which was great. Then, he had two chocolates. He said both were incredible.

Tuesday Evening

We went to Bon Ton Cafe.

I had a house salad which the house dressing was creole mustard. I ate most of it, but I knew my husband loves creole mustard. He said it was great. He also had a seafood gumbo which was good. Then, he had crabmeat augratin which was incredibly good. It definitely had lots of sherry in it that you could still taste.

I had simple fried shrimp which was fried perfectly. Very light breading and very large. Then, my vegetable du jour was zucchini, tomatoes, and onions and were done just like Mom's.

Then, the inlaws both had shrimp etoufee. They said it was good, but I did notice the shrimp were very small.

We then made our way to Emeril's for dessert.

My husband had a brandy milk punch which was superb followed by peanut butter pie with an oreo crust. OH, My. We love this.

My SFIL had a dessert wine that was chiliean... he said it tasted like spearmint and was very good.

My MIL and I split a banana cream pie and it was very good.


Before going to City Park, my husband and I made a stop at Cafe Du Monde. Love it.

Then for lunch we went to Parkway Bakery.
We split a large roast beef po-boy and sweet potato fries. Hands down the best of the po-boys.

We then walked to Angela Brocato's.

I had a piece of Tiramisu which was fabulous. He had a cream horn dipped in chocolate which was excellent. Then, we had to have some lemon ice. OH, lemon ice is so so creamy and good. Then, we had to get an assorted box of cookies to go. Two thumbs up to the pastry chef DANA!

Then, we went to Muriel's for Evening meal.

The whole night was odd. The attention to detail was lacking and wait staff was not very friendly.

I ordered the mixed green salad and received the romaine salad. My MIL recieved seafood gumbo and decided she didn't want it. So, we switched appetizers. The gumbo was just okay. It had baby brine like sized shrimp. Then, my entree came: I had ordered the prixe fixe which one choice was pecan crusted drum fish. The fish was not filleted correctly. It had that nasty black stuff throughout the fish and it was not tasty. So, I moved onto my greens which had the same baby brine like shrimp on them with pecans. They didn't taste good either.

But, Thankfully my MIL and SFIL had both ordered the porkchop. My MIL cut off part of her porkchop and it was very good. The sweet potatoes were excellent.

My husband had ordered the prixe fixe menu of creole tomato themed. His first course was a creole tomato soup with corn and fried okra. This was very good. Then, he had a lump crab, avacado, and tomato salad. Then he had a filet mignon with green beans and creole tomato bread pudding. He left most of the bread pudding. Then, his dessert was a tomato flan. Not what he wanted, but interesting.

I had ordered the prix fixe and had three dessert choices: creme brulee (SFIL ordered), bread pudding (MIL ordered), or chocolate brownie with peanut butter gelato. I asked if I just could have a small cup of sorbet and they said no. They would have to charge another dessert fee. My stomach was not feeling well after the fish and greens, so I wanted something simple. So, I said never mind. I ordered the chocolate brownie and gave it to my husband. Then, went home and had a sierra mist.

Overall, the service, food, and everything in between was not what it was last year when we came. Last year, we came here for brunch and it was very good.


Thursday morning and I ventured to some French Quarter walking very early. Then, we stopped by the French Market Cafe. It wasn't on our stops but were very pleased. We shared a biscuit and gravy, hashbrown, and bacon. Overall, good.

Then, for lunch we were on the hunt for Shrimp Creole. Yes, we know a very simple dish, but us Midwest people do not see good shrimp always. I had some great suggestions from chowhounders, but it was a Thursday. Our family didn't want to get dressed up to Galatorie's on the last day when we knew NOLA was our supper.

So, my husband and I went menu searching on the internet. We found Coop's place and I remembered reading review from Chowhound. So, we gave it a try.

We split the Coop's Taste Plate A cup of Seafood Gumbo, Shrimp Creole, Cajun Fried Chicken, Red Beans & Rice with Sausage, and Rabbit & Sausage Jambalaya . All of it was very good.

My MIL had the red beans and rice and she said it was good. Then, my SFIL had the large bowl of seafood gumbo and was loving it. He said he could have had 7 more bowls.

We picked up 2 muffaletta's from Central Grocer for Friday and Saturday lunches. They were perfectly good.

Evening Meal

We went to NOLA's.

We had superb and flawless service and the food was excellent. My SFIL was resting and decided not to go.

My appetizer was turkey and sausage gumbo. Which was excellent and it is our tradition to have this after thanksgiving. So, I was craving it. My entree was Filet Mignon with Thyme Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes, House Cured Bacon, Maytag Blue Cheese, Toasted Walnuts, Port Wine-Veal Glacé and Shallot Crisps. Cooked perfectly and it melted in my mouth. The sauce was incredible. The dessert my MIL and I shared was NOLA Banana Pudding Layer Cake with a Graham Cracker Crust, Homemade Vanilla Wafers and a Warm Fudge Drizzle. Definitely awesome.

My husband started with Emeril's BBQ Shrimp. I asked if he could compare to Mr. B's and he said they are both uniquely different and both good. Then, his entree was Pan Roasted Harris Ranch Rib Eye with Patatas Bravas and Chimichurri. He said was done perfectly. Followed by Creole Coffee and dessert of Profiteroles which were cream puff with salted caramel ice cream, chocolate ice cream with a type of peanut brittle on top drizzled with chocolate. He said they were yummy and the creole coffee was unbelievably good.

That concludes our trip of food. It is our pleasure to go to New Orleans. We love it and will always love New Orleans. Thank you Chowhound for any earlier recommendations of Duck for my SFIL.

Emeril's Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

Bon Ton Cafe
401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Joey K's Restaurant & Bar
3001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Red Fish Grill
115 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Cafe Atchafalaya
901 Louisiana Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

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