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Buford | Jul 14, 2004 03:11 AM

I recently made a trip to Boston, and I planned my meals using this site.

Dinner at Casa Portugal. I got the grilled sea bream with boiled potatoes and vegetables. The sea bream was the best grilled fish I have eaten in my life, cooked with olive oil and garlic. The potatoes were good when dipped in the oil from the fish, and the vegetables were okay. Two types of bread were both ordinary; one was a little stale but the other was interestingly dense. I also got some sugary guava cookies from a bakery on the north side of the street about two blocks to the east of the restaurant; they were good too.

Lunch at Ali's Roti. Although the meat on the steam table trays wasn't so persuasive, I went ahead and got a roti with chicken, chickpeas, and vegetables. It was quite good, with a curry taste, though it fell apart somewhat as I was eating it. It's like a burrito, only better.

Dinner at Europa Cafe. This was a real disappointment. I got the duck with apple because it sounded like such a Russian concept. The duck was supposed to be in a fruit and wine sauce, and the apple was supposed to be stuffed with something, I don't remember what. The duck was not very ducky, though, and the sauce had no fruit or wine flavor. The apple was just an apple, and the stuff inside it didn't add anything. Mashed potatoes were good, though. Bread was okay.

Lunch at Mary Chung. I got the suan la chow show and the steamed buns from the dim sum menu. The suan la chow show had kind of a sweet taste that didn't work for me, and the steamed buns weren't much of anything.

Dinner at Taranta. It's a friendly place with very good bread, but I'm afraid that the rest of my meal wasn't that great. I got the pea risotto with roast asparagus and the rack of lamb. The risotto had plenty of cream but not much pea taste, and the asparagus tasted of nothing but char. The lamb was an Italian-Peruvian concept involving some bitter greens and a grain that resembled brown rice. It was about five bites of meat, only one of which had any noticeable lamb flavor. The greens were okay, but the flavor of the grain wasn't that interesting. For dessert I got some fig newton-like cookies with raspberry filling from Modern Pastry. They were quite good, especially after the blandfest at Taranta. (I went back in the morning and got some more of the cookies when they were fresh, and they were excellent.) I also went to Caffe dello Sport and got some pink cookies whose intense strawberry flavor didn't work that well.

Dinner at Tremont 647. I got the tuna, which was okay. It came with some greens and some potatoes flavored with olive paste, which were good. Bread was excellent, though some of it came buttered when I would rather have gone with olive oil. Overall, good but not great.

Dinner at Metropolis Cafe. I got the cod, which came on a bed of cous cous and tomatoes, with olives and maybe one caper on top. The tomatoes were awake and the cous cous was pleasant. The fish was well-cooked. I also got a salad of goat cheese with pistachios on greens and beets, which was basically just an excuse to eat goat cheese, and a side order of garlic spinach which I didn't care for, though that may just have been personal taste. Bread was ordinary. Again, good but not great.

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