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Treacle tart recipe questions

Tyler85719 | Nov 27, 201804:21 PM    

been researching recipes to try out baking a treacle tart for the first time.

came across some interesting suggestions that made sense and sounded appealing, but aren't necessarily traditional. I am not opposed to being a little unorthodox, but also don't want to go so far ff the reservation' that it's no longer recognizable as a 'treacle tart'

so here it goes:

1. many recipes suggest using lemon zest or juice to cut the sweetness. I don't like cloyingly sweet pastries, so i plan to do this. Any suggestions on whether i should use zest or juice, and if so, why?

2. some recipes use only golden syrup, while others used a combo of golden syrup and dark molasses. any suggestions on which way to go?

3. this is possibly the most unorthodox additional ingredient i came across, but i found it intriguing and worth consideration: an interesting recipe suggested doing a 50/50 split of bread crumbs (which is the traditional filling) and almond flour (which is non traditional). I LOVE almond flour based tart fillings, and the result from their recipe looks like it turned out more moist and less dense than the pictures of traditional treacle tarts, but I'm afraid it may be too foreign of an ingredient and radically change the flavor profile?


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