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Travelling with lobster - suggestions urgently needed!


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Travelling with lobster - suggestions urgently needed!

Chocolatetpetitpois | Dec 3, 2012 11:17 AM


I'm flying back to Paris (where my family lives) from Montreal (where I'm studying) on December 13th. My parents have complained about how expensive lobster is in Paris when compared to the lobster we used to get here in Montreal, so as a Christmas present, I'd like to bring back two or three lobsters. Yes, I am insane.

Of course, the million euro question is how the hell I'm going to do that. I've heard stories of family friends freezing uncooked lobsters for two-three days before leaving, then taking them out at the last minute and wrapping them in plastic bags and ice packs for transport. I don't think it makes sense to transport them live, because I doubt they'd survive 6.5 hours in a plane, plus the mandatory waiting time before boarding, getting luggage, plus travel time from the airport to home.

Does carrying them frozen sound reasonable? Has anyone done this before? I'd love any advice you might have!

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