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Any Transversal Tendencies in American Regional Dishes?

Wawsanham | Oct 21, 201101:15 PM

The US has many different regional specialty dishes--from Chicago hot dogs and deep dish pizza through Cincinnati style chili to grits in South (among many others). Does anyone see a unifying factor at all in this variety of regional specialties? Do they tend to be big--big portions, big sandwiches that are hard to pick up? Does there tend to be a lot of sauces, not too much "dry" food, i,e. ribs, pizza, salsas on things, etc... What about the prensence of cheese, or lots of cheese? Is that a generally common US thing--especially when comparing to the foods of other countries. I'm thinking of the cheesiness of a lot of American pizza, a lot of American mexican-style food, the proliferation of cheese in dishes like macaroni & cheese, or on all kinds of sandwiches... I started thinking about this when I saw a slide show of American regional specialties in the Huffingtonpost.com food section. Any thoughts?

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