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Traditional Drinware/Cookware

saralynn77 | Sep 3, 2009 05:28 AM

Hello! I am an artist who is interested in drawing a compendium of drinkware around the world and then also cookware, and perhaps even utensils, which would be ridiculous and probably quite large. Depending on how many unique items I find and determine to be true representations of that country's (or region within a country) cooking and drinking, I may make a sort of map set.

I am reaching out to the chowhounders with all of your unique knowledge within the world of cooking. I will start the list with some items that I have some knowledge of.

Indian cookware -

* Chakla-Belan
* Chimta
* Degchi
* Haandi
* Kadai
* Katori
* Masala Dabba
* Pakkad
* Parat
* Tandoor Ovens
* Tava

Spain's paella pan
Danish Ebleskiver pan
Asian bamboo steamer
French terracotta bread crockpots

Drinkware -

The porron - The Spanish glass drinking vessel, similar in function to the bota, with a narrow pointed spout which in theory directs a spurt of wine into your mouth and often in practice stains your shirt. It probably originates from Catalonia.

Germany's Boot of Beer

I think these prints will come out awesome. Thank you for lending a hand!

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